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Ahem...so it's another claim community...just because all the other ones are practically full! So here we go!


1) You can claim 3 guys, only 3 guys, unless you make or use a banner then you get one claim for each banner.

2) If a musician is already claimed you can NOT claim them, unless you ask the person who has claim over them and get permission.

3) No fighting or you will be banned.

4) Please state the band, if any, that your musician is in and what part they play in that band (ex. guitarist, vocalist, bassist, drummer, etc)


Please check if your musician is claimed yet before claiming one.

Trading Cards:

We now have trading cards! The trading cards include a picture of the musician you've claimed and the musicians info. The idea was brought up by Larae kitty_vicious and the cards are made by her so all credit is hers!

Now here's how to get your trading cards.

Email Larae here KittyVicious1957@aol.com and send her this information about the musician you want.

Name of your person
Birthday (if possible)
Postition in the band
And anything else that you might want on the card...
If you have a picture of the musician that you want her to use just send it in :D

You also have to choose a style type:

Style #1- Two white lines as a border and black as a backround.
Style #2- Three white lines as a border adn black as a backround.

If you want custom colors just say so in the email!

Pimp us!

title or description

Take away all the stars and put it in your info!

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